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With the PNC Championship Golf returning to the Augusta National Golf Club at Augusta, Georgia from November 12th to 15th, 2020, each fan around the world is excited to catch the action live. From cord-cutters to dedicated subscribers of official broadcasting networks, the fans will go for every option to enjoy all the scintillating golf action.


How to watch the PNC Championship Golf 2020 using Kodi?

Kodi is a free, open-source media player app that is compatible with a number of devices. Kodi offers you an immersive set of choices to view PNC Championship 2020 Golf in great detail.

  • Watching PNC Championship 2020 Golf using a VPN on Kodi:

If a geo-block is restricting you from viewing the PNC Championship 2020 Golf tournament on Kodi, you need to take help from VPN services. IPVanish is the most recommended VPN for Kodi subscribers. Apart from this, you can also download NordVPN or ExpressVPN to access high-quality broadcasts of PNC Championship 2020 Golf using either your paid subscription or the free addons.

  • Watching PNC Championship 2020 Golf for free on Kodi:

You can navigate to certain paid channels like PNC or ESPN+ through Kodi but the users also have an exciting set of choices to watch the entire tournament live for free. Certain Kodi add-ons offer this perk to those golf fans who don’t want to pay to watch PNC Championship 2020 Golf live.

  • BBC iPlayer Kodi addon or the Kodi iPlayer WWW: BBC iPlayer is a free addon found in the Kodi repository and available for users who have a UK TV license. On the other hand, the Kodi iPlayer WWW does not need a country-based verification. You can simply search in your Kodi app for these. Go to Addons, then Downloads, then Video Addons, and finally install the addon of your choice.
  • Zattoo Box: The Zattoo Box is a Kodi addon that is available for all fans located in Switzerland or those who connect to a Swiss VPN server. You need to direct yourself to Addons on the Kodi app. Then go to downloads, find the Video Addons and finally install Zattoo box from those.
  • IPTV AU: The IPTV AU is a great option for Aussie golf fans using Kodi as this addon directs them to the live coverage available on the Nine Network. To install the IPTV AU addon, you need to download the Matthuisman.NZ Kodi repo from the relevant site. Next, go to Addons and install the zip file. After you have finished doing it, find this again after going to Addon and install it from the Kodi repository. Finally, locate repository, go to Videos and install the IPTV AU addon.

Watching PNC Championship 2020 Golf on Kodi using paid add-ons:

You can find the paid subscription-based broadcast channels on the Kodi addons repository and enjoy PNC Championship 2020 live.

  • Sling TV Kodi addon: Find the Sling TV Kodi addon from the official addons repository on the app. According to your preference, you can choose either the Orange or the Blue Bundle for just 25 USD per month. While the Orange will provide you the ESPN channels, the Blue bundle will offer you the CBS channels. You can also go for the Orange+Blue bundle for just 40 USD per month. 
  • PlayStation Vue Kodi addon: You can locate the PS Vue Kodi addon in the official Kodi addon repository. Once you have paid a subscription cost of 49.99 USD per month for the PS Vue, viewing the PNC Championship 2020 Golf will be a breeze using this addon.

Thus, enjoying the live action from the PNC Championship 2020 Golf course is a cakewalk if you have the Kodi app on your streaming device.

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