Perfect Guide To Watch Masters Golf 2020 Live Stream Online

The 2020 Masters golf tournament will be held in the month of November. This will be technically the first major golf championship in the year 2020. The tournament will take place at the Augusta National Golf club in Georgia starting from 12th November and ending on the 15th of November 2020. This will be the 84th edition of the Master’s Golf tournament. The Master’s Golf tournament was earlier set to be taking place from the 9th of April to the 12th of April. But it was delayed to November due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Of the four major golf tournaments, it is the Masters’s that has the smallest golf course. It is actually an invitational tournament but there are some criteria to qualify for the tournament. Golf fans are most thrilled that they will get to watch golf action in these challenging times, and this time its the Master’s Tournament. So, if you are wondering how to watch the Masters tournament online, read on and at the end, you will know exactly how you can do that.

The Master’s Tournament is referred to as the Masters or the U.S. Masters. It first took place in 1934. The tournament will be held for a week and it is the 1st major tournament of the year. The tickets for Masters golf are already on sale and fans can get the tickets through the official website of Masters.

There are a lot of settlements that incorporate the Masters. For example, the green coat which is worn by the champions or before the tournament there is the Champions Dinner. The champion of the Masters is eligible to play in the other three majors.

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Quick Information Of The Event 

Here are some pieces of information that will act as a ready reference for the visitors of our site. We know that golfing fans like their things organized and quick.

What is the venue of the Master’s Golf 2020?

The tournament will be held in Georgia, To be exact it will be held at Augusta National Golf Club in the city of Augusta.

What Is The Date of Master’s Golf 2020 Tournament?

The event will take place starting from 12th November 2020 and will end on 15th November 2020.

Other Important Information

    • As mentioned before this will be the 84th edition of the game
    • Time: 8 PM European Time
    • Main Player: Tiger Woods

Who is playing in Masters 2020?

Masters Golf is a major golfing event and not every player gets to play in this game. It is by invitation only and that part is decided by the organizing golf course. For the current chapter of the tournament, we know that some of the major names have been included in the list. Names like Tiger Woods, Tyler Duncan, Rickie Fowler, Justin Harding, and Lanto Griffin are there. As per the recent news, close to 68 players would be playing for this tournament.

Are there any changes in the Master’s Golf 2020 Format?

As of now, there are no changes in the format of the game. It still remains the same. Just like any other golf game, there will be players playing in the group with 4 rounds of the game having 18 holes each. The only difference here would be that two pairings will be used and the score and the end of the rounds will be calculated to declare the winner.

Watch the Masters Golf live streaming in HD

Fortunately, the Master’s tournament is available to watch on several avenues. So, watching the Master’s Golf should not be a problem. And the telecast rights are with CBS and ESPN. You can watch the golf tournament on any channel.

But it is very important to check which of the bundles consist of the channel that is telecasting the Master’s tournament. And also, the bundles should be according to your budget. Now, we have made a list of the channels to watch the Masters tournament.

Masters golf 2020 live

  • ESPN+
  • CBS All access
  • fuboTV
  • Sling TV
  • Hulu TV
  • YouTube TV
  • DirecTV Now
  • PlayStation Vue

1. – Official Channel

Golf fans have the opportunity to watch the live-action of the Master’s Golf on the It is the official channel of the tournament. The channel is totally free, you don’t need any membership or a contract and only the internet charge is costing.

The channel can be watched both on the smartphone or on a PC. The Master’s app is available in the Google Play and the App Store.

2. ESPN+

ESPN + was launched in the month of April 2018, it is an incredible option for the fans who want to watch the Masters Golf tournament online. It is a replacement for the cable channel, but there is a lot of sports content that you can watch on the channel.  

The channel costs dollar 5 each month, or the annual subscription costs 50 dollars. You can also buy the Disney + package which is costing 13 dollars a month.

3. CBS All access

CBS access is a better option if you are thinking of watching the Masters golf tournament on CBS only. The channel is owned by CBS and it is priced at 5.99 dollars a month.

With just 6 dollars you can also watch over 1000 episodes of CBS on-demand. There is no contract involved which means cancelation is possible. CBS all access is compatible with most of the latest gadgets.

3. fuboTV

Fubo TV is the next channel to watch the 2020 Masters Golf online. It is the best channel if you are a sports lover. Apart from that you can make your choice from the two bundles which are fubo and fubo Extra. After you buy the channel you can also include some the less expensive add-ons. Including some of the extra channel packs and premium, networks should not be a problem.

Although it is a popular channel it does not have ESPN + in the package, but you will get CBS channels and that will telecast the golf event. The CBS is included in both fubo and fubo Extra.

Miss the match and you can record it and watch it later so that should not be a problem. This can be done as the channel has 30 hours storage space, which can be increased up to 500 hours and the price is just $9.99 monthly. With fuboTV users can watch content on two gadgets at a time, and a third one can be added for $5.99 monthly.

4. Sling TV

One more great channel is worth Sling TV to watch the Masters Golf online. The channel allows the users to customize to a major extent. Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange + Blue are the three bundles to choose from. Both Sling Orange and Blue cost $ 25 a month and the Sling Orange + Blue costs $40 a month. Many extra channel packs and premium networks can be added.

CBS is not available in the bundles but ESPN and ESPN 2 are included in Orange and Orange + Blue packs. You will get a free TV reception apparatus if you like and subscribe to the channel. With the antenna, you can watch the CBS over the air.

No DVR space is given by the channel; however, you can add 50 hours of storage space for $5 every month. And then there are the screens which in the Orange pack there is only one screen. The Blue pack offers three screens and the Orange + Blue pack four screens to watch content at a time.

5. Hulu TV

Hulu TV is one more channel to watch the Masters Golf online. The monthly subscription is charged at $44.99. After purchasing the Hulu TV, you can include some extra channel packs along with some premium networks. The package of Hulu TV includes CBS, CBS Sports, along with ESPN and ESPN 2.

Hulu TV is offering 50 hours recording space, which can be upgraded to 200 hours and you have to pay $14.99 a month. Hulu gives its users a single screen to watch programs at a time and can be upgraded to two screens. If you pay $14.99 then you can get multiple screens to watch.

6. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one more channel to watch the 2020 Masters Golf online. There is only one bundle of channels that YouTube tv offers, which is kind of a letdown considering the channel are one of the popular ones.  The monthly subscription costs $40 and has several channels and few great rewards. The channel offers CBS, CBS Sports, along with ESPN and ESPN +that’s kind of great to watch the Masters online.

The channel gives its users unlimited DVR storage and the recordings will be in the storage for a period of 9 months. The channel offers watching programs on three gadgets at a time so that all the members of the family can watch their favorite programs. 

7. DirecTV Now

The next channel to watch the Master’s golf tournament is the DirecTV Now. It is a great channel that offers tremendous amounts of programs to watch. The channel has seven packs which you can choose according to your interest. There are many good options on the offer and one should check out their official site for getting more information. 

 DirecTV Now comes with 20 Hrs of DVR Space that seems to be a little turn-off. Screens offered by the channel are two, and for a charge of $5 a month the third screen can be added. There are different packs here and not all might include CBS for that matter, do check out the official information to be sure. 

8. PlayStation Vue

The last channel on the list to watch the 2020 Masters golf online is the PlayStation Vue.  If you are opting for it then that’s a great choice. Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra all costing between 50 and 60 USD are the four bundles to choose from. After that several channel packs and premium networks can be added. ESPN and ESPN 2 are in the bundle along with CBS, however, CBS Sports found in the Core, Elite, and Ultra packs.

PlayStation Vue offers 500 cloud storage space. The best thing is it offers five screens to watch content in the base bundles. Also, there is one more feature the which is the split-screen which can be done and watch the programs on 3 screens at a time.  

Watch the Masters Golf without any problem on Reddit

Reddit is the platform to watch the Masters Golf and it is a free channel. This is the best thing for any golf fan as he wants to pay no charge.  But for that, you will need a Redditt account and then watch the golf tournament. Search for the links with the keywords relating to the Master’s Golf tournament and then a list of links is displayed. Choose the link with no ads and the video quality is good. Also, it is beneficial to make friends with other users who can help you find some good links.

The 2020 Masters golf tournament will be held in the month of November. This will be technically the first major golf championship in the year 2020. The tournament will take place at the Augusta National Golf club in Georgia starting from 12th November and ending on the 15th of November 2020. This will be the 84th edition of the Master’s Golf tournament.